Facebook marketing for beginners

The social network Facebook has over 800 million fans worldwide, and the number is rising. In Germany alone, there are 22 million active users. "Active" in the Facebook definition means that a user logs into Facebook at least once a month with their account and then does something, that is, interacts or is just active. 90% of Facebook users actually have active users …

Facebook? We have to do something now!
Once it understands this, it becomes clear why So being on Facebook is necessary! In this guest article, I, Björn Tantau, would like to explain on Facebook, for example.

The forest and the trees …
Too many cooks spoil the porridge and often you can not see the forest for the trees. No matter how you put it, it's pretty much at first glance on Facebook. 7 years old and has so many features and opportunities that it's easy to get confused.

Facebook Marketing For Inexperienced Marketeer This can be a problem. In this respect, one should make a hand, which makes sense for one's own purposes on Facebook. Otherwise, it is quite possible that you get bogged down at the beginning. Campaigns that emerge often do not lead to the desired success. Consequence: As a user you are disappointed, and Facebook, according to the motto: "They all talk nonsense, Facebook brings nothing in marketing!"

Marketing with Facebook. What's going on?
Via Facebook, one can let off steam in terms of marketing. The classic advertising is also on Facebook, it is called Facebook Ads. Here you can switch to traditional ads and try to attract attention. Compared to other advertising formats (like Google AdWords) have the Facebook Ads but an important advantage. Thanks to the data that the social network has from its users, you can act extremely well as an advertiser – thus avoiding wastage. Facebook Ads allow a very accurate allocation of advertisers. Tennis rackets – or in the best case, even active tennis players.

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