The way to better Facebook marketing

So, once you understand Facebook's potential and exactly what you want to achieve with your marketing campaign, it's time to get it right. In this context, it has become clear that the thematic relevance of Facebook is extremely important. On the one hand, the data that Facebook has about its members is a real boon to advertisers. If, for example, you book Facebook Ads, then you can minimize the scattering losses as described above. On the other hand, so you can, for example, you are about to supplement the fan numbers of your fan page. To do that, there are many possibilities.

Convincing through added value and good content on the fan page are variants that are most worthwhile in the medium to long term. For quick successes, popular items like discounts, coupons or sweepstakes are often used. In order to create an active fan page where the community really interacts, so friends of friends become aware of the fan page and become fans themselves, it makes sense to stay in their own subject area. If you have a Fanpage for sporting goods, then you should not give away winter tires.

 Facebook raffle
Of course, everyone is using it, but those are not so interested in the sporting goods, because there are winter tires there. The reverse is true: the fan page on the topic of tires, which is giving away on iPad 2, is sure to get a lot of attention. However, it is questionable whether the raffle participants of the site remain true. After all, the central theme of "winter tires" is not really exciting. So it's best if sporting goods and winter tire Fanpage only give away things that are thematically appropriate. So you make the raffle participants rather active and loyal fans, as is the case with foreign themed prices.

By the way, the opening of a fan page and thus the design of the raffle is not unimportant. Here it pays off to program good apps or to take advantage of professional offers. The eye of the potential fan wants to thank the operator of the fanpage. Even when using Facebook Ads, the design of the ad may decide on its success and failure in addition to its content. When planning an appropriate campaign, you should therefore always make several changes and check the success accordingly. Often, another or different image can make the clickthrough rate go up.

Does the campaign work anyway?
"It's just another marketing channel!" That's right, but a very powerful one. The current reach of over 22 million users in Germany alone shows that the community is now on the road on Facebook. And because you can sink your money on Facebook as in any other marketing area, it makes sense to measure your performance. But Facebook offers extensive statistics, which are not the only ones in German. But – statistics only bring something if you read them correctly. And in this context, there are some numbers on Facebook, which should be closer to the statistics in the eye.

Reach on FacebookThe value "People talking about it" is one of them. The sheer number of fans is therefore also frequented. However, if it has a high interaction rate, then the value is absolute and therefore high in percentage terms. In general, one should make sure that the values ​​that say something about the behavior of the fans are as good as possible. If that is not the case, you have to take countermeasures and ensure that the numbers improve. Because as described above: In principle, you pay for each and every one of you. This amount can vary.

But it only becomes really profitable if you make an effort in the ads, because even if you can. The price of a fan is almost always higher, because not every fan who clicks on an ad is. The process shows, however, that it is enormously important to control its Facebook Ads exactly, to test and to optimize in case of doubt.

The way to better Facebook marketing
There are many reasons for the failure of campaign or fanpages. Very often, however, it is because the thematic reference is not correct, as has already been explained in the previous paragraphs. But what can you do to optimize campaigns and fanpages? Which screws do you turn to achieve effective enhancements? In Facebook Ads, the theory is explained 'in a few sentences: If at ad is not running, you shoulderstand test variants of the ad, edit and edit text and images, possibly completely Call change the content or completely Call replace the image.

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